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Dear bad luck

If you know me, you know I don't dance around words. I'll lay it out straight – the highs, the lows, and the 'what the hell?' moments. Life is a mix of everything, from the fantastic to the utterly frustrating. And yeah, sometimes it's like, 'Seriously? Is this really my story?'

My blog dares to confront the raw truths of facing life head-on, even when it's far from alright.

My Bad luck

Sometimes the magic in life comes when you least expect it.

My mission is to inspire and help others who are experiencing challenging situations, despite feeling hopeless, to see the magic that exists beyond the other side of struggle. 

My hope is that this blog serves as a beacon of hope, an invitation to hold on, and a reminder that shared experiences, even in the depths of despair, forge powerful connections. 

A heartfelt acknowledgment of bad luck – a trio of emotions distilled into gratitude, frustration, & a deep affection for the life we all get to live.

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It wasn’t until I faced the depths of darkness, that I realized it can be both: you can be weak and still be strong, you can be sad and still be happy, your life can be filled with bad but you still manage to find the good. A warrior is someone who acknowledges the toughness, and then finds courage and perseverance during that time to ignite a sense of hope. I began my cancer journey as a victim, until I had the revelation that transforming into a warrior is what is going to get me through this.

Warrior, Not a Victim

There is so much pressure to put a smile on your face and fight. Truth is, it’s exhausting. Life is hard, and living life while also battling such a consuming and life threatening illness makes it almost unbearable. And balancing a past life with your current life is a battle that seems impossible. You feel as though you still have to be the best wife, the best mom, the best friend, the best daughter… I recognize now that simply surviving these tough times is enough, allowing myself to show patience and understanding with others - because maybe they are hiding something similar to what I once did under that mask of optimism.

Trying My Best

Everything is temporary. The good, the bad, it is all temporary, even if it feels like it will last forever. How you choose to come out on the other side of these temporary experiences and emotions is what is important. I don’t know everything, but I do know that magic exists, sometimes you just can’t see it yet.

Everything is Temporary

Navigating traumatic life-changing experiences can be isolating and shameful. It can make you feel as though it is only you vs. the universe. I want to share my stories about my cancer journey so that you can feel seen. So that you can feel understood and validated. I want to create a space where people feel heard and where people can find support and empowerment. This is not a place full of butterflies and rainbows, this is a place you can think, and feel, and say whatever dark thoughts you need to air out. It’s okay to be angry, honestly… it would be crazy if you weren’t! You are stronger than you think and you are more loved than you can ever imagine.

Empowerment > Perfection

There are too many stories out there that disregard or intentionally avoid any raw and real moments that may make you feel sad or uncomfortable. I want these raw and real moments to do exactly the opposite. I want to embrace the bad, the dark, the ugly and I want it to make you feel comfortable. What you read here is real. 

The emotional journey 

Authenticity is everything

Bought a new home in Austin, TX


Found out I was pregnant with my 1st son, Luca


My mom died


My 30th Birthday


Found out Mom’s cancer was back, had spread to her brain


Laid off from start up



Started new job


31st Birthday


Luca was born!



*It seems like 2019 kept it’s shit together, TBH. 


Enzo is born!


33rd Birthday


Back pain starts, trying to fix it through chiro/massage


Pregnant with 2nd son Enzo, restaurants close temporarily


Global pandemic



Final chemo

July 20

Boy’s pediatrician murdered at office by deranged man

January 26

Started chemo

February 2

First oncologist appointment

January 22

Laid off from job at 3M while on maternity leave

January 22

Kyphoplasty to fix one fractured vertebrae 

January 20

Admitted to hospital for further testing, breast cancer suspected

January 16

Can no longer walk from back pain

January 9

2021  pt. 1


Final chemo

July 20

Started chemo

February 2

Boy’s pediatrician murdered at office by deranged man

January 26

First oncologist appointment

January 22

2021  PT. 2

A timeline of bad luck events

How the f*ck did I get here?


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